Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bishops Assignment Results from 49th General Conference

All credit and acknowledgment  goes to the 49th AMEC General Conference staff and participants for posting the following results.

  • First Episcopal District:  Bishop Gregory Gerald McKinley Ingram
  • Second Episcopal District:  Bishop William Phillips DeVeaux, Sr.
  • Third Episcopal District:  Bishop McKinley Young
  • Fourth Episcopal District:  Bishop John Richard Bryant
  • Fifth Episcopal District:  Bishop Theodore Larry Kirkland
  • Sixth Episcopal District:  Bishop Preston Warren Williams
  • Seventh Episcopal District:  Bishop Richard Franklin Norris
  • Eighth Episcopal District:  Bishop Julius Harrison McAllister
  • Ninth Episcopal District:  Bishop James Levert Davis
  • Tenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

    Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie                                                               Episcopal Supervisor Stan McKenzie

    • Eleventh Episcopal District:  Bishop Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr.
    • Twelfth Episcopal District:  Bishop Samuel Lawrence Green, Sr.
    • Thirteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Jeffrey Nathaniel Leath
    • Fourteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Clement W. Fugh
    • Fifteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop David Rwhynica Daniels, Jr.
    • Sixteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Sarah Frances Davis
    • Seventeenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Wilfred Jacobus Messiah
    • Eighteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop John Franklin White
    • Nineteenth Episcopal District:  Bishop Paul J. M. Kawimbe
    • Twentieth Episcopal District:  Bishop Reginald T. Jackson  

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    Ms. Perry said...

    Hi Rhonda, the picture you have displayed is not Bishop Vashti McKenzie but actualky Rev. Cynthia Hale.

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