Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Measure of Faith

As we travel through life, many things are thrown at us by Satan.  It is how we react that determines how well we manage our lives.  God gives us a measure of faith (Romans 12:2-4). What we do with that measure, grow and cultivate it or do nothing, will have an affect on the daily outcome in all of us.

Cancer, heart problems and other diseases are all around us, affecting not only others but our lives as well.  What do we do when, say cancer comes into our lives?  Do we allow it to overtake us? Or do we make a stand against it? 

Dan Richardson, an enthusiastic believer in Christ, lost his battle with cancer but before he died, he made arrangements to have the following distributed at his memorial service.  He realized that you cannot deny that you have the disease, but you can deny despair from taking control.

Cancer is limited........

  • It cannot cripple love

  • It cannot corrode faith

  • It cannot eat away peace

  • It cannot destroy confidence

  • It cannot kill friendship

  • It cannot shut out memories

  • It cannot silence courage

  • It cannot invade the soul

  • It cannot reduce eternal life

  • It cannot quench the Spirit

  • It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection
You may not have cancer or any disease but you feel depressed or stressed. Take the above and apply it to your life. It will lift your spirits and warm your heart.  Because nothing can reduce, invade, silence shut out, kill, destroy, eat away, quench, cripple or corrode the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior or stand against the Lord Almighty.

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