Friday, January 18, 2008

Historical Sketch

During the mid 1800's in a little settlement called Plum Creek, a small band of black Christian pioneers erected a log church on John Rothchild's land. Later, a second log church was built on John L. Johnson, Sr.'s land. Years later, Gabriel and Ann Brown gave the site where the present church is located. On this site, a frame (plank) church was built and named Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The pioneer families were; Brown, Cunningham, Huckaby, Jones, and Solomon. These families were dedicated to carrying out the tenets of the African Methodist Epicopal Church.
Dilapidation caused a second church to be built there in 1903 by Simon Andrew. Due to hazardous roads and inconvenient traveling, the church was relocated to its present site (FM 489) in 1927 under the leadeship of Rev. A.G. Glass. The church was completed and dedicated under the leadership of Rev. F.W. Fowler in 1928.
Some thirty years later, in 1958, the church was rebuilt under the leadership of Rev. L.D. Lincoln and the carpentership of Kenchion Jones, Sr. In 1970, the present church was remodeled annexing a fellowship hall and restrooms under the pastorate of Rev. L.J. Malone. The additional families instrumental in remodeling were: Bryant, Johnson, Manning and Wheat.
In the 1982, under the leardership of Rev. Nathaniel Gamble, the church installed stain glass windows, ceiling fans and upholstered pulpit furniture.
In 1983, under the leadership of Rev. Jerome T. Mayberry, the church was updated with a vestibule and air units. Kenchion Jones, Sr. was, again, called in as carpenter.
Though roads have not been royal, the church had thrived under varied dynamic leaders, renowned bishops, presiding elders, pastors, devoted officials and laymen have sacrificially contributed to the success by which the church progressed.
In 1984, under the capable leadership of Rev. Willie Kary McDonald, the church purchased a new piano and central air was installed. Members vowed to continue to make strides even through thier numbers had lessened but not in spirit. The faithful few were equal to the task.
Between the years of 1990 and 2005, we extended our fellowship hall, added awnings, paved parking lot, installed lighted announcement board/sign and in the final stages of renovation, we enlarged, then bricked the church.
Brown Chapel was erected for a special place of reverent worship, spiritual aspiration and human sympathy. With hope that its leaders and officials will maintain a passion for constructive change and Christ-like spirit with the ability to undergo persecution for righteousness sake.

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